Wednesday, July 15, 2009

New Yoga Pose

The Shy Downward-Facing Cervix.

And things you don't want to hear in the assumed position: 

"This catheter keeps curling up on me."  

"Hold this." (referring to the catheter loaded up with, well, you know). 

"I'm going to remove this one and put in a speculum that will reach further."  Seriously? It can go further?

And, of course, the making of a new yoga pose:  

"Your cervix is playing shy today and is facing down."  Does not make for a comfortable experience, to say the least.  

That was yesterday.  Today is a new day.  Starting yesterday morning, before the IUI, I had really pretty significant cramping - but as it turns out, the cramping is probably caused by the release of multiple eggs.  Ovulation on overdrive. 

I have new symptoms this time around, in addition to the soreness and cramping, I have severe bloating.  I finally called the Dr. this afternoon to just be sure there was no need for concern, and apparently this is also normal.  

Thus, we have begun the 2 week wait.  G is out of town for a little over a week of it, which will either make it go faster or make it that much more excruciating.  I'm guessing the latter.  

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Almost TOO Good

G and I went to our appointment this morning with the hopes that we'd see one, maybe two, follicles that were ready to pop.  As the technician dimmed the lights, G and I had a front row seat to what turned out to be a very full party, er, ovary.  With swiftness, the technician measured 8 (eek, 8) follicles on the right side.  And, well, the left said was sitting this one out.  We got the "Wow, that's a lot" from the nurse, but they sent us home with the specimen cup and trigger instructions, and a "Hey, we'll call you later."  

As it turns out I had four remarkable follicles - 19, 17, 16, and 15 as of 7:45 this morning.  

I got the call from the nurse at about 6pm.  Her first words were "This is not an easy conversation, do you have a few minutes?"  My heart was sinking as she said those words, as I was fully expecting her to say that we were canceling the cycle.  My long, long cycle.  As it turns out, she continued on by saying that everything was great - almost too great - at this point.  My estrogen is over 1,000.  The only concern, of course, is that we're triggering multiple follicles.  And, as the nurse said, she had to have the "selective reduction" discussion with us, as their goal was to give us one healthy baby, not a litter.  (The litter part is my husbands phrasing).  

Healthy.  That's our answer.  We want a healthy family.  The rest is up for discussion.  

SO... I took the trigger shot tonight and we have scheduled an IUI for Tuesday.  Fingers crossed.  PS: I blame the multiple follicles on my ob/gyn who waved her magic fingers over my stomach the other day and said "Baby-making vibes."  

Friday, July 10, 2009

They Grow Up So Quickly

Click. Click. Click. Click.  Four clicks to measure one follicle.  Four clicks times 6 = six follicles. Uh-oh. 

My eyes were closed, almost afraid to look at the monitor.  All I could hear was the experienced clicking of the doctor, and the tapping of the nurse entering the information on my eFile.  

"Well," the doctor began, "we'll need to see you back in here... um... tomorrow... before these little guys get away from us." 

The largest follicle measured 15, so we are very close, which is why he has me coming back in tomorrow.  Hopefully there will not be an army of follicles, so let's keep our fingers crossed here, folks.  

IF, if, if, the follicles are ready tomorrow to be triggered, that would mean that our IUI would be Monday.  July 13.  My husband's birthday. 

I talked to a coworker (who I will miss dearly as she moves out of the country - temporarily) about how telling people when the IUI was taking place was a lot like telling people that I was about to go do it.  You know THE "it."  So, in a lot of ways - if we end up having the IUI on Monday, you can rest assure, that in some mechanical way, my husband will be sure to have sex on his birthday. If by "sex" we mean delivering a cup and rubbing my arm while I'm being injected with a sperm pellet. New meaning to birthday sex, for sure. 

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Another Day, Another Order

I just got off the phone with the pharmacy.  They called me.  Yep, that's right, we're tight like that - Freedom Pharmacy and I.  I have had a great experience thus far with them. I call one day and my meds are there, poof, the next day.  They called today because there was a prescription placed by my doctor for me that had not yet been filled, and they were concerned.  How nice.  The woman on the other end of the phone sounded like an adorable sweet-tea-drinking southerner, and followed every sentence with "hunney" or "babydoll."  I couldn't help but chuckle, even as I ordered another $1,000 in meds.  

Turns out the doctor ordered a cartridge of follistem.  I have been ordering from a previous prescription that provided 300 iu/cartridge.  The new order is a whopping 900 iu/cartridge.  Now that ought to last me. 

And when she confirmed my order and stated that she was sending me a new follistem pen, I stated that I already had one.  Her response:  "But they're free, dah-r-lin, no charge!"  So, of course, I'm also getting another pen tomorrow.  I suppose it's always good to have a back up?  This women should sell stocks. 

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Longest. Cycle. Ever.

Today was yet another appointment! Man is it tiring doing the whole blood work and ultrasound thing every other day!  I have been lucky enough to have my very own doctor at the last three ultrasound appointments... she's so calming and pleasant!  And she kind of looks like that girl from Growing Pains - the little girl that grew up to play in What a Girl Wants... (except my doctor is older and brunette). 

I find it remarkable that, without fail, the ultrasound tech will ask "Are you okay?" or "Is this uncomfortable?" with that ultrasound wand stuck up in there... along the same lines as the dentist asking questions with a mouth full of his hands... except a little more awkward. 

So, today measured well - they measured a total of 4 follicles, one at 11cm and the three others around 10cm.  They don't trigger until they reach about 18 or more - and hopefully only one or two will make it there.  More than three and we cancel the cycle.  

G and I spent today lounging by the pool, reading, and playing cards.  Once again we're up against a work trip for him - he was due to go out of town starting on Tuesday.  He has pushed it back to Wednesday night, but unless these little fellas start growing faster, then we might have to make alternative plans for the IUI (ie, use frozen - which is muy costly). 

And, my usual closing lines: another appt in 2 days! Hopefully these follicles will be up there at a reasonable size!  I am going through needles and alcohol wipes like a champ!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Day 16 News

Today is Day 16. Ho-hum.  Nothing new to report.  I took the follistem 75 ius for a week or so, then moved up to 100 ius, and I now take 125 iu/day.  I went in for another monitoring appt this morning, and while there are plenty of follicles, none of them are of remarkable size.  So, depending on my estrogen level from the blood work, they will most likely increase my dosage.  They won't increase it if my estrogen is above 100, apparently, as this indicates that there's a change about to happen and growth of the follicles would occur.  

Today my numbers were 14 follicles on the right, and 12 on the left.  Don't be alarmed... that's not how many we will trigger! Ha!

Next appt in 2 days!  I hope it brings good news, as G has to go on a work trip (again) in a week!