Saturday, March 12, 2011

Getting to Be THAT Time

To start worrying about the worriest part of the process... labor.

To be completely honest, I don't think I'm that nervous. I imagine that I will be all shaky and jittery when I'm being prepped for whatever type of labor I'm being prepped for... but for now, I'm not feeling anxious about it at all. I'm excited, which I think shares a nerve with anxious. Both make you feel like you have to pee when you're standing in line at the roller coaster.

But I know it's on my mind. And G's mind as well. The other day I walked in the bedroom and he was peeing with the door open. THAT NEVER HAPPENS.

"Whoa?! What in the world? Why'd you leave the door open?" I shockingly questioned.

Apparently G has been reading some information on labor and delivery. His response was

"Well, if I might have to see you poo during delivery, it's only fair that I let you see me pee."

Oh, yes. I see it now. I see how love changes when you have children. Sacrifices are made and the love between G and myself will evolve. I am excited to embrace even the most intimate of those changes.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

34 Weeks and a Few Days

Still hanging on. Those babies are (most likely) hanging from my ribcage. They are enjoying being tucked up in there. The last few days they have been very active. I imagine they are perfecting their skills at the monkey bars.

G and I had an ultrasound appointment on Monday - they don't take measurements every week, but last they measured both girls were right around 4lb 8oz. I assume, since they should be gaining about 1/2 lb a week these days - that they are hitting about 5lbs right now. They will measure again next Monday. This past visit was another biophysical profile - we were able to see both girls practice breathing, they hands and arms and legs moving back and forth, and hear their little heartbeats. We were even able to see the umbilical cord (as they test for the cord resistance).

The past few days have been pretty uncomfortable - I feel as though my pelvic bone is shifting (which, well, it probably is) - and it's so uncomfortable to get up from sitting, to sit, or even sometimes to start walking. Once I get going I can usually get my waddle to propel me where I need to go... but those first few steps are terrible. I'm also up like every hour. I feel like I have to pee, but sometimes I think the girls are just jumping on the bladder. There's really not usually a need to get out of bed if you have to only pee a tablespoon - but these days any drop of liquid needs to come out. No matter what time it is. No matter if I was JUST up to pee 5 minutes prior.

Last night I couldn't get comfy, so I resorted to moving to the couch - my comfy haven. Well, even THAT didn't work. I finally returned to bed when G got up to go to work, and was able to get a few solid hours of sleep.

Everyone says this is my body's way of preparing me for having babies up at all hours. Well, crap - why can't my body let me get rest while I can? Damn body.

Tuesday I went to my ob/gyn appointment. My blood pressure was a little high - and I spilled just a bit of protein in my urine - so they had me give another urine sample to send to the lab. No word back yet. Just need to stay away from the pre-eclampsia trap. So far so good.. and I'm just sooooo close to holding my girls. G and I spend a long time before bed just talking about it. I love those moments. Almost as much as I think I'm going to love those moments shared with our little ladies.

Off to pee.