Monday, October 25, 2010

The image is weeks ago, but the sound is from today. There are 2 sound files - there is a clear break between the 2 in the middle!

Too Long

Whoa, it has been far too long. I blame myself and my incessant worrying that something will go wrong. That this wonderful gift will somehow slip from our hands. I try, and have been successful, in letting go of the worry and just embracing this - one day at a time. And I'm proud to say that my little family has made it safely to 15 weeks.

15 weeks. These tiny ones are almost the size of an avocado - (side note: what's with all of the food analogies with babies?). Just short of announcing the news using a bullhorn at the top of a mountain, I believe it is safe to say that everyone knows. Which is great news considering I now own 2 pairs of pants that fit.

I am still getting up FAR too many times in the middle of the night - either to pee or because I am uncomfortable. I have reached a point in which I can not comfortably sleep on my stomach - which is usually the ONLY way I sleep. Big adjustment in that aspect.

I have lost any cravings for sweets (except starburst!). I am usually a big chocolate person, and now I could care less. I have been really craving fruit, though, so I'm still getting that "sweet" in there somewhere.

Two weeks ago G and I went to the OB - who found those little heartbeats right away. Monday we will go to get an ultrasound to measure my cervix, just to be sure all is well. At that point we're hoping that we might get a glimpse into the sex of the tiny ones. But really, I'm just glad to be able to see them again. I get really anxious leading up to the appointments, but so far have only been greeted with great news.

Thank goodness.

It is still very odd that there are no more shots. No more meds. No more blood taken every other day.

15 weeks.