Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Third Eye Poke

So today was my third trip to the acupuncturist. I have to admit that I was somewhat of a skeptic, which is probably why it took me so long to make my first appointment. Alas, I am grateful that I made the appointment, and the ones afterwards. Mentally, it is so relaxing and refreshing. I leave that office feeling calm and energized. So, I will keep going. She knows where I am in our cycle, what is upcoming, and her support during each visit is reassuring. I overheard a phone call she had today with another client - some woman who just called to celebrate the embryo transfer. With her acupuncturist. Ahh.

As I lay there and she pokes me and twists needles, she restates the purpose of why I am there and just makes the most calming, positive statements and affirmations. Even the "zings" of certain points of entry slowly fade away as I lay there. So strange to me, still...

So, back to the technical stuff. I just received our protocol for our 2nd IVF. I am currently on birth control pills, which I will continue for 21 days. After that point, my cycle will start and all of the injections and doctor visits will again be upon us. It's looking like my retrieval will be around July 24th, and transfer a few days after. (Hopefully 5 days, like last time!)

I'm absolutely not looking forward to the retrieval. I know that Dr. B is going more aggressive, as she said she thinks she can get more eggs from me this time around (like some sort of dare) - which means more bloating, more discomfort, etc., before the actual retrieval. I'm not sure if # of eggs retrieved will affect the pain. I'm hoping that knowing the after effect will help me mentally prepare better. Plus, I don't have work until late August, so I don't have to worry about rushing back. Slow and steady.

I am, however, excited about another try. Although I appreciate the breaks for my body, I just want to keep on going.
C'mon IVF #2! :)

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

On a Break

Me and my meds are on a break. Just like Ross and Rachel on Friends. On our break I am enjoying my glass(es) of wine, a few brews that G enjoys sharing, and (shhh....) even just a few sodas snuck in there... What can I say, it's crazy at work (testing season) and every bit of caffeine is appreciated.

I also took this time to make my first acupuncture appointment. I'm a total needle maniac now that I have had to jab myself in the butt a few times. So, finally committing to the act, I called the acupuncturist that was recommended to me, who was able to fit me right in. I went yesterday, Memorial Day (and a day off of work). Her office was so very inviting, the rooms cozy with bookshelves, homey lamps, and lovely chairs. It didn't put me off one bit that she was about to stick me with a whole bunch of needles.

She asked me a ton of questions about medical history, my RE regime up to this point, meds I have been on and will be on the next cycle, hormone levels, etc... I knew she was a specialist in acupuncture for fertility (or infertility) - but I was still pleasantly surprised by her thoroughness. It was also nice to know that she has seen many patients from Dr. B - and in fact, had one in another room "cooking" while we were talking.

Other than that it was fairly uneventful - she put needles along my arms, stomach, and legs, as well as one in my forehead for relaxation. She then walked me through a breathing exercise - she had the most calming voice, and with my eyes closed it was easy to become comfortable laying there with a bunch of needles sticking out of me. I laid there for, well, I don't really know how long. She came in to check on me and to twist the needles, wave her hands over the ones on my stomach (it tickled), and to make sure I wasn't getting too antsy or agitated - which, I suppose happens to some newbies like me. I, on the other hand, was an acupuncture pro. (ha!)

I thought to myself, as I laid there, "What the heck am I doing? This is ridiculous." I didn't feel any different, I had this itch on my nose that I couldn't wiggle out of, and I was starting to feel kind of silly laying there with these teeny needles jabbed all over.

Then, she came back in to remove the needles from me. She left the room, letting me get up at my own pace to get redressed and ready to leave. It was at that moment, the moment I stood up, that I just felt. I felt energized and comfortable. I felt relaxed. I just had this wonderful feeling about the whole thing. And then, all that silly feeling melted away. For now.

I go back on Monday. I am looking forward to the great conversation as much as the acupuncture itself. Although, I am still a little nervous about the needle thing.

We also had a recent meeting with Dr. B. The plan is intact, we will start BC pills in about 2 weeks to start the next cycle. They will be more aggressive with the dosing of the meds, and we're changing the repertoire a bit, but nothing drastic. She's sure that we can get more eggs on this retrieval by being slightly more aggressive with the meds. I hate the retrieval part, so if we can get more and lesson the chance of me going through this part again, I'm all for it.

So, in this lull.. in this "break" - I am enjoying things both related to baby-making, and not. I will enjoy it while I have it.