Monday, October 26, 2009


So far so good. Injections every morning along with baby aspirin and prenatal vitamins. I have been sleeping like crazy, but from what I am reading online that seems to be a common "side effect." I'm sure that G is happy that sleepiness is my body's response of choice, instead of the moodiness alternative.

I am currently on 20 of lupron. I am expecting to start the cycle any day now. If I go until Thursday without starting a new cycle, I have to go in for monitoring to check my body's response to the lupron. The drug is supposed to suppress my production of estrogen by overstimulating my brains production center. I suppose that suppression of such things can stir up chaos in the brain and body, so I'm hoping that my cycle begins without a hitch.

Hopefully I'll report back with the med schedule soon. All hangs in the lupron balance until then!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Here's the picture of the items prepared for the Mock Embryo Transfer from the other day... G took the picture to kill time while waiting.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Mocktober Activities

Today was a big day in our baby-making adventure. G and I both had off of work, so I scheduled 2 important appointments to celebrate our day off. What a better way than to wake up early, fill your bladder, then get probed and measured for a while, and then learn to inject your plethora of medications.

Stop One: Mock Embryo Transfer. Mock. Just for fun. Despite the horror stories I keep finding online, this experience wasn't too bad. It was actually quite similar to the IUI procedure. Here's a play by play:
First, you strip halfway and assume THE position. Dr. B makes good use of the speculum, then swabs the cervix with iodine. Then we slide in the catheter, which is empty, all the way to the tippy top of the uterus. Hint: When you feel resistance, stop pushing. Dr. B says "Well, that went in easily" and she shimmies out the speculum, leaving the catheter. This was probably the most uncomfortable b/c when the speculum is removed, the catheter shifts and pokes and generally just makes your lady parts uncomfy. A cup of water is then inserted through the catheter, filling the uterus. At this point Dr. B uses the ultrasound probe to make sure that the catheter is in the right spot and to see if the uterine walls are nice and smooth.

Then, and I have a feeling this was a "bonus," Dr. B then says "and let's take a look at your ovaries... well, because I like ovaries..." (and this is where it got silly)... "especially pretty ones like yours." Um, thanks? G and I got the giggles a bit... which, women, is not comfortable with a probe, catheter, and water-filled uterus.

So, that was done. Checked off of the checklist. Next on the list was the injection class. This is like the mixology of baby-making - vials and needles and mixing and creating medical cocktails of hormones.

The meds arrive in a few days, in which half of our fridge will become Operation Injection central.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Changing Runways

So IUI number 3 was a no-go. Strike 3, new batter. A few days before the results came in, G and I had a meeting with our doctor about options in case the IUI didn't work. During said meeting, we discussed IVF and decided that we would move right over to this method if needed.

So here we are. IVF needed.

They have me moving right on with it - and I will spend the next 20ish days on birth control pills (bleh). During this time I will be doing some testing of some sort - something about them measuring my insides - sounds really marvelous. Friday we have a new injection class - since some of my new meds will be shot into my muscle and not just subcutaneously. Also on friday we have what they call a "Mock Embryo Transfer." It's where they demand that I fill my bladder, and then do everything they can to make me pee myself while laid up in front of them. In all seriousness, I do have a full bladder, but then they use internal and external ultrasound to measure and "map out" my Land of Wonder.

Who knew baby-making was so romantic, right?

The current plan is scheduled down to the day - and it so happens that our proposed date for egg retrieval - the same day they petri those eggs up and add G's sperm - is our 6th wedding anniversary. I'm taking that as a good sign :)

What a good thought to leave you on...