Tuesday, June 23, 2009

On to Round 2... Ding Ding

It's not so fun to post when you have nothing exciting to say.  G and I went in for the IUI on June 2.  This, in itself, is noteworthy for two reasons: 1. it's the potential making of a baby, and 2. the speculum.  You know that thing they crank in  your when your getting a pap? Well, think of that, PLUS an extension.  That's right, an extension.  One that reaches right on in there and holds a mini-speculum that twists open.  So, basically, they dump sperm in there using a small catheter after they crank you wide open and your face is a contorted mess.  Yeep. 

G and I waited the mandatory 2 weeks, and then went in for a beta pregnancy test. I'd like to say that I had the stones to wait those 2 weeks without doing an at home test.. but, well, I didn't.  My boobs were killing me, and I wanted to know if that was a sign.  Of course, when those tests came up negative, I found every blog online that told me that was normal and that I could still be, and probably was indeed pregnant.  Well, the 2 weeks was up, and I found out that they were true - I was not pregnant.  I didn't cry or anything, but I feel as though I grieved in some way.  It became very real the next day when a great friend of mine called to tell me that she was 9 weeks pregnant.  Hope and sorrow filled into one call - as she had gone through the same procedure.  

So, when they called with my results, I was told to stop taking the prometrium (no problem, that was not pleasant!)  A few days later I began the cycle all over again with day 1.  Today was day three, so I went in to start my 2nd round of IUI - the baseline ultrasound.  New protocol this month though - I will not be taking the clomid, which seemed to do nothing for me.  Instead I am starting the FSH injections today, and for the next 4 days, at 75 iu/day.  The doc said that this was like "getting started a little early," which I am grateful for since the injections lasted so long last cycle.  

So... I'm thinking in about 10-12 days I'll be complaining about yet another 2 week wait or "2ww" as they call it on the blogs... 

The skinny for those following the stats: 
I had one follicle at 18mm before the trigger, no more than that (safety first!); and G had a count of 35 million - which is miraculous! The doctor was impressed for sure.  

On to round 2...