Saturday, March 28, 2009

Mid Stream

G and I have been off all week together, and it has been both marvelous and strenuous.  We spent a lot of the time running around and getting errands done, including doctors appointments!

Friday morning I had the ultrasound and bloodwork.  This was to test my baseline levels, as if I know what that means.  I got a call from our nurse that afternoon to tell me that everything was normal.  My question is, if it was normal, what am I doing there? So, I believe that normal is subjective. 

So, the nurse told me the new plan... or really, the "first" plan we're attempting.  Last night, I began Femcon, which is a birth control pill, at her order.  Birth control? Right, well, apparently this is so I can get on a predictable schedule, a continuous one which can be predicted, etc... 

Greg and I have injection class on Monday at 10am to learn how to shoot me up with FSH when that part of my cycle comes around.  Friday we both had our infectious disease testing completed... I had to give 4 tubes of blood! Ack...

So things are starting to really roll.  In approximately 25 days we will begin cycle 2 - which is the first cycle that we add the meds to help me roll out my line of eggs I've stored up all this time... Greg seems to think that they will come out rapid fire. He made some connection to something in Battlestar Gallactica, but I have no idea what he was talking about.  

The good news: We're on our way.  

Monday, March 16, 2009

The Plan

Last week, G and I took a day off of work to go to the doctors office. The beginning of our joint journey...

While the doctor and nurses were very educated, willing to explain in "human" terms, and warm, there was still a lot of information being thrown our way. We have about 30 pieces of paper that explain every if, and, or but about the whole shebang - but even with all of that literature, we were still a bit confused as to our next steps. When do we start the plan the doctor talked about? Which avenue are we taking first? What should I be doing? Can we have sex? (Seriously, that was a question of mine). I heard Leah Remini on a talk show once - explaining her experience with her doctor. She said "Just tell me when to do it." And that is the stance I am taking now. There's so much flying around us, I just want someone to call me up every morning and tell me exactly what to do that day.

But, we're grown ups, and can figure it out. I did call the doctor today - my nurse, actually (they assigned 1 nurse for my husband and I to deal with. This is really our "go-to" gal, so to speak.)

So, here it is folks: The first month's plan after beginning a relationship with Dr. B.

Continue with Metformin, which I have been taking for 3 months now (don't even get me started about the GI side affects of this one). I will stop Metformin 3 days prior to my HSG (see below).

10 days of Provera to induce bleeding (I have needed this since I was 18. I have alternated between provera and prometrium, but lately prometrium just hasn't been doing it for me).

3-5 days after that, I should begin. On Day 1, I call the nurse to set up:
Baseline bloodwork and ultrasound between days 2-4
HSG* to be done between days 5-10 ("Call early, these book up fast!" - sounds like a sale)
*HSG, in all fairness, sounds horrendous. Not even remotely pleasant. They fill your uterus with fluid, and it spills out at the ends of your fallopian tubes. Where does it go? I'm wondering what color dye they use, and if this will match the color that I will pee for weeks after. "Slight discomfort" my ass... I bet it feels awful. But, thinking positive, I will imagine it is like a warm bath for my insides. This also has to be done at one office in particular, or through any radiologist. My doctor warned that radiologists might not be as "gentle" or savvy. That is enough incentive for me to make the 45 minute drive to the nearest office that performs said procedure. Also - G and I will be taking a 7 day course of antibiotic beginning the day before the HSG - as a precaution against infection during/after the procedure.

Also during this time, Mr. and I have to take infectious disease screening and genetic screening at a lab of our choice (or one covered by our insurance).

Also on "our" list: Injection classes. This is where I will get to know how to mix my medication and inject it (FSH injections in the future). Can't they create a lovely cocktail that I can just down at my leisure? Cosmo variety, perhaps?

Well, there you have it folks. So far, the preliminary stuff seems like the most complicated of the pack. Once we get all of our genetic screening and baseline tests complete, we'll be off and running.

Hooray for a start. I am currently on day 4 of the Provera, and can't wait to be done so that I can get a move on with the testing...

Until something happens...

Sunday, March 15, 2009

A Little Bit About US

For a while now, we have been trying to have kids.  Well, not kids - just kid - singular.  One at a time might be nice... and old fashioned.  Since it has been unsuccessful, even with medical assistance, we have been sent to a fertility specialist.  Dr. B will be helping us, hopefully, conceive our first child.  

Following suit, I have decided to start this blog about our journey.  Why air my private life, you ask?  For those women and future families out there that are in our position.  I have googled and read many blogs about fertility issues, and each one of them was helpful in some way to me, and us.  So, we are setting out to do the same thing for others.  Feel free to comment, and I will do my best to respond to any questions or comments you might have about our experience, or about us. 

More Than Two to Tango is in regards to the team of people that are currently surrounding us to aide in conception, now that we know it won't be happening just between the two of us.  

Here we go...