Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas Picture Picking

Picking pictures to post is far too difficult, so I shall post far too many. The story of the day(s) is lengthly, so I will try to capture it here.  First of all, we got ready on Christmas Eve to head to my aunt's house.  This is where my mom's side of the family gathers and celebrates.  Always on Christmas Eve.  This year we were lucky to have Greg's parents with us again, so they bravely followed us to all events! 
Couldn't resist these tights.  I wish I would have realized earlier that E's ear was sticking out like that. It's all put them in the chair and click click click before they dive off the chair.

S looking excited to be dressed in a remarkably warm dress and ridiculous hat.

Dresses didn't last past dinner (we will refer to it as the Poop Incident), so we got comfy and hung out with Great Grandpa (my mom's dad).

Really focused on opening presents.

Getting the hang of it.

Total pro.

So much excitement leads to passing out in the middle of the floor.  In the time she was asleep - perhaps 20 minutes - there was singing and shouting and laughing. Right beside her.

Christmas Day at our house.  E with Great Grandma (my dad's mom).  

S playing with my dad.

So excited with a part of a new toy. She was screaming.

Box of Cheerios and bag of potatoes. Boy was that box fun to push around.

Bad lighting, but sharing a new chair and reading.

Not wanting to leave the chair, but still wanting to play with that other toy... 

HUGE hit.

First horse ride.

Totally focused on this doll.  So, so focused.  She even leaned down to give the doll kisses.

Never breaking eye contact...

S's new face.

All while E was playing in the corner with the big hit.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

37 Weeks

Snuggles after a long week.

She's figured out the mobile. She prefers the "nature" sounds.

The ONLY things we have found that they will keep on their feet. 
(Well, more like the only things they haven't figured out how to take off).

Crib cam.

See that hair pulling?

Sunday, December 11, 2011

36 Weeks

Big accomplishment of the week: Figuring out how the stairs work.  That caught me by surprise.  I turned around to secure something for Emma, and Sophia was already on the first step. While neither little lady "cruises" the furniture, it is just looming over the horizon.  They are just all over the place.  We have been putting off getting gates, trying to allow them to explore as much as they can while they have some freedom... but now it's a necessity.  The other day Emma even slid open the sliding door to the back deck and had her hand waving out of the open crack. It was cold, and she hated it, but she managed to figure it out. We put up our Christmas tree this week, and neither girl really seems to care about it (yet). They do love this little mini tree we have for them in the front room.  Sophia will point and touch the little lights on it over and over, and then pull her hand back and stare.  

I also feel like I am constantly feeding them... it's feed them and then us, but they want to eat whatever they see, so they are munching all day. I have to be better about feeding us and them at the same time, but it's been a challenge.  They are eating lots of different foods, so soon they won't have many restrictions and it will be easier to just feed them what we have... but so far we can only do that about half the time.  I made this great recipe for them last week that they loved.  I'll have to put that in the recycle recipe file!  It was chicken with leeks and sweet potato and carrot, and then veggies with apple or something... I have it bookmarked. They love pasta stars with homemade tomato sauce and a bit of cheese, so I'll add that as well. 

Developing fast - here are a few shots from this past week. 
As you can see, Emma (and Sophia) can stand with quite a bit of independence. 
Here is Emma posing casually on the banister. 

Happy Emma.  And, for future Emma who reads this nostalgically, I bought those overalls for $1.88.  It's okay to save. You're growing so quickly! 

Emma and Sophie have shown more interest in each other, and will often watch movements and habits of one another. Eating is a favorite - they will take bites while staring at the other one chewing.

We have the giggles.

Plotting her escape.

Checking out the dog, of course.

Putting her escape plan into action.

Phase 2 of the escape. They often use one another as leverage. Just as often it ends in one of them crying.

Our distraction tactic: playing music on my phone. Sophia LOVES to "dance" (rock back and forth and wave) while holding the phone as it plays music. Here, as you can see, Emma has taken a sudden interest in the phone. 

The struggle.

Sisters, Lesson 2: She gets everything!
. Lesson 1 was that you have one. I love the look on Emma's face here.  She's quite pleased with herself. 

On this floor she can slip slide everywhere. Quickly.  At first it was like bambi on ice, but now she knows how to make it work to her advantage. 

Emma, on the other hand, does not. This may be her first temper tantrum, actually.

There is food in her nose. And in her hair. And on her shirt. 

Look at those blue eyes. Her hair is growing in, too. Just in front, though.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

35 Weeks

Yes, 35 weeks already. Here are some highlights from this past week. 

 Many of these photos just scream "Up to no good!"

 Helping Daddy build
 I love the way they sit!