Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Ugly

Okay, so I realize that my posts lately have been all flowers and candy, when, well, I AM 28ish weeks pregnant and all. There's bound to be some things that aren't so wonderful. And, for when G and I are considering MORE children (if we get there), I'd like to document the downside of this journey as well.

I'm uncomfortable. My back is killing me. I wake up in the middle of the night and sometimes grimace the entire way to the restroom because my back is controlling my legs, and neither want to work at that time.

I wake up every 2 hours or so. And lately, if I wake up anytime after 3am, I am LUCKY if I can fall back asleep.

The couch is my current favorite place to sleep. I miss sleeping with my husband. Even if I start off in bed, I am ending up on the couch. For a pregnant person with horrible vision, in the dark this is quite the journey. (From bed to couch).

I think most of the muscles involving the Baby Exit Route are strained. I keep hearing that you can put a heating pad on it, which reminds me of when I was in college and went to the Campus Clinic. (Bronchitis? Bag full of tylenol, bandaids, and a condom. Broken arm? Bag full of tylenol, bandaids, and a condom). Placebo won't work for this feeling down below.

I have also read a lot about what other people feel or think their Baby Exit Route looks like on the forums I follow. I wouldn't know, as I can't see mine. People say they know they are super swollen - but unless it inhibits my walking, I doubt I'd notice any difference pre-babies.

Work. I'm trying my best to roll around, like I said before - but I'm starting to become concerned with exactly how many more weeks I can hang in there. I'm trying not to think about it... which seems to be working for staying in the work-force as long as possible. We'll see.

Worry wart. If I don't feel one of the girls, I start to worry. If I pee too much, I worry. If I don't pee enough, I worry. If I drink caffeine, I worry. If I don't, then I worry that the girls will be affected by breast milk after I drink caffeine. Worry. Worry. Worry. I suppose this is the beginning of being a Mommy.

Daycare. Sigh.

The positive ending: I love my family. I love these little ladies that G and I haven't officially met yet. And I love the way G talks to them and then makes up their responses. And the way he looks when he's talking to them, building their furniture, playing with their stroller...

Third Trimester

No kidding. I am already in the 3rd trimester. The home-stretch, albeit a LONG one...

The days seem to just be flying by, and with every day I can feel my uterus growing and growing. Up until about this week, I had been feeling well - getting around okay, not too tired, just some mild discomfort at night and at the end of a long day.

Now, on the other hand, I can hardly get out of my car after my drive home. Too much time on my feet makes my back just sieze up. So, trying to take it much easier. I'm on my feet a lot at work, so I've been trying to limit that by using my rolling chair to roll around my room. Imagine that sight. Not the most productive way to get around, but it will work for now!

As for the growing ladies - they are definitely growing. Some moments I can feel them moving all around - rolling and tapping on my bladder. Other times they are silent and calm in there. We are now able to see some kicks from the outside - which is just very entertaining to me & G. We may be in for some trouble, because they just LOVE to be awake late at night and super early in the morning. Dr. says that they will start to slow down a bit, as the room they have to move and grow is rapidly becoming very limited.

So grow while you can in there, little ones...

Time to pee. Again.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Kicking & Punching

The last few weeks I have really been feeling the ladies moving around in there. Twirling and twisting - and kicking what feels like my bladder. Have to pee - no, I'm okay - Have to pee - nah - have to pee!!! Off and on... it's an interesting feeling.

A few days ago G was able to feel the kicks from the outside. This has been somewhat delayed because both placentas are anterior - or right in front.

Today, however, I was sitting on the couch and all of the sudden I felt some huge kicks. My whole stomach felt like it was jumping! I looked down and - boom! There it was - I could see a huge jump from the outside!

G and I sat there for a few minutes just watching the battle that was going on inside. I loved it!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Glucose Screening

I have waddled up to the 26th week of pregnancy.

I wore a jacket zipped up to work yesterday. Today, it wouldn't zip.

I am up many times a night. Not sure what fluids I have left in there by 4am, but my body finds some and has to get them out. Immediately.

G and I had an ultrasound at 24wk 4 days, and both ladies are looking lovely. They are measuring 1lb 10oz and 1lb 9 oz - and their overall measurements put them about 1 day apart in growth. Their heartbeats were perfect, their heads look round, their bellies were even rounder. LOVE those reports. No great pictures, though - both girls decided to turn away as soon as we tried to take a peek. I did enjoy seeing a detailed image of both spines though. :)

This past Wednesday, at 25weeks 2 days, I had my Glucose Screening. I didn't eat anything after midnight, and was limited to water to drink. Not terrible, considering my appointment was at 8:30am. The nurse said that we wouldn't hear anything from her unless there were abnormalities in the blood (read: If I failed the GS, she'd call). And - hooray! - no call from her today! This is GREAT news. I was seriously worried that I'd bomb that glucose screening. Both my grandmother and aunt had Gestational Diabetes when they were pregnant, and I have been worried that I'd be the same.

We have our next ultrasound the week before our Baby Shower - which I am VERY excited about. I have started to really try to get things together or planned so that if I happen to have to be on bed rest or deliver earlier than expected, we will be ready. I don't want to stick G with most of the work while I'm propped up unable to do anything.

As far as work, I am slowing down a bit. I can definitely tell when I am on my feet too much. I have noticed that I have to give myself an extra minute or 2 to walk places - trying to keep my pace reasonable as to not overdue it. I don't think my students mind my slower pace.

I am very surprised how quickly this pregnancy is passing by - it's already after the holidays and I know that the next few months are just going to fly by!