Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Have My Chaps Always Been This Itchy?

We're back in the saddle. All of the signs point in that direction. The meds were delivered, unpacked, and stored in the cabinet. The BC pills have ended. We met with Dr. B about our failed pregnancy and about the hope for our future. We are mentally ready to give this a go... again.

But as we get back into the groove, I can't seem to find the comfort spot. Perhaps it's because I have enjoyed the month without injections. Perhaps I like being able to just enjoy my husband without checking a calendar or obeying "stay away" orders. I know, truly, that once we get started it will all get back in line. I'm ready.

My body, on the other hand, is not. I am still waiting for the lack of birth control to jumpstart my body to clear out the uterus... to get ready to come on back to zero so that we can plump my lining up again. My lining is currently 10mm... a nice size after being on injections for a week or 2...but I have not yet begun my injections. Looks like our dates and our meds on the protocol will be pushed back as we all patiently wait for my body to catch up with our heart and our mind...

Until then, we enjoy and we plan, and we get ourselves ready for what could and will and may be.

I will go back soon enough for another check via ultrasound and blood work. A few short days away...