Saturday, May 7, 2011

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Friday, May 6, 2011

Catching Up

For the past month, I have been meaning to post. Seriously, I swear. My wake state is altered these days, and I keep thinking I have to update but never have a moment to spare that I'm not sleeping, half-asleep, or staring at a baby and saying "Please, oh please, go to sleep." I am also torn because I initially intended to have this blog be about our journey to getting pregnant, and then we finally got pregnant, and now we have wonderful children. I have been thinking about starting a new blog since the purpose of this one (my original purpose) has been met.

But, well, I wish to continue our story here. So I will. Because, well, I can. It's my blog.

I have some catching up to do. I will start with the week before labor.

I was scheduled to be induced on April 1st. Seriously - April Fools' Day. Which, apparently, is named after some calendar switch. Google it, as I'm sure they'll do a better job explaining. The whole week before I had been having contractions. Nothing strong, just enough to catch my breath every once in a while. I downloaded a free app to track them - but found that every time they started coming regularly enough to log them into the app - they just magically stopped. While everyone thought that I would go early - those little ladies had a different idea. They hung in there until they were forced to come out.

I can't even explain the anticipation of that week. The anxiety, the excitement. And the wait. Those hours just ticked by. Until, of course, the night before. It was as if time was flying - and that I didn't have anything ready for the big day. We weren't packed (well, we were, but I unpacked and repacked a million times), the camera needed charged, thank you notes needed written, the list went on and on. And I, who had been on seemingly endless bedrest, had it all left to do. Pregnancy Procrastination.

I will catch us up on the delivery and everything after very soon... for now I have to go tend to 2 fussing teeny ones.