Saturday, December 11, 2010

More Than Half Way

On Monday I will be 22 weeks along. I will be honest... in those first few weeks... those first few scary-ass weeks - I dreamt about the feeling that 22 weeks would be. I dreamt about anything over 20. About being pregnant at Christmas, instead of empty handed and empty wombed. We are so incredibly thankful for this pregnancy, and for the fact that it has been fairly easy since that first trimester hiccup.

Now, everything we do, we make an alternate plan for next year.

"Well, next year when the girls are here... "

"The girls will be grabbing stuff by next year, standing possibly... we can't put this here next year..."

And it's wonderful.

This past week we had two appointments. The first appointment was on Monday - which was the follow up to my 20-week anatomy scan. I purposefully ate WAY before my appointment - knowing I wouldn't be able to hold lunch until after, and remembering my near-puke experience from last week. We were only going back to focus on Baby B - to see a glimpse of her facial structures to be completely sure everything was okay (they have a 20 week checklist and she didn't show us her face last time!) An hour and a half of being poked and pushed and turning every which way - the technician gave up and the doctor came in. About 15 minutes and he was about to give up on it, when there it was - a clear glimpse of a perfect little lady face.

Then, on Friday, we had our monthly appointment with our ob/gyn. I have to say, that so far the most interesting part of these appointments are hearing whatever person is on the phone wanting to talk to her about some emergency. The first two appointments she was called as soon as we got there for deliveries. (Her office is in the hospital). And then the next two, she had to take phone calls from women who were either convinced they had cancer because their friend told them so, or had sex at the worst possible time if you don't want to get pregnant. Yes, the walls are THAT thin. I keep that in mind when we're in there.

Then we got to hear their little heartbeats.

So, since everything is going well - we are still on a once-a-month schedule. We'll go back next month for another round - and to see our little ladies again.

Until then, we're hopeful for a continuation of the drama-free pregnancy.