Monday, January 9, 2012

One Week Late: 39 Weeks Young!

I'm getting a bit behind in these posts.  It seems as though my days are just flying past.   Big accomplishments this week.  Sophia can stand by herself for a super short amount of time.  She's currently going from perching with one knee down to squatting with both feet on the ground, and now rising up slowly to a standing position.  She's been pulling herself up for a while now, but she's becoming more and more confident in letting go.

Emma is also starting to stand, but is enjoying doing some cruising.  She loves to coast down length of the couch to "chase" Jack.  Who, for the time being, is still safe changing positions to the other end of the couch.  It takes Emma long enough to get to him that he can just mosey around.  I'd hate to burst his bubble,  but that won't last long.

Playing around in our jammies.

So excited (and plotting her dive off the chair).

"What did you say?"

Gosh, if only they had some books and toys. 
They are forced to read recipes and play with glass wine bottles.

So very thirsty.

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