Monday, January 30, 2012

Keeping Track

I blame it on the pen. I have this thing where I can only write in the baby book(s) with one particular pen. God forbid that adult Emma and adult Sophia take a walk down memory lane, start reading their baby book and then get halfway through and throw it down in disgust because, well, how dare I change ink type in the middle of the story of their lives.
That is, I'm sure, EXACTLY how it would play out.

The pen ran out of ink.  I finally bought a replacement pen, and have been dreading getting back up to speed in the baby books.  There are 2 people, 2 books, 2 lives...  The books are sitting out on the dining room table, just waiting.

But so much has happened.  From new foods to illness to pinchers and feeding themselves and standing, crawling, cruising... I feel like I have missed the mark on these milestones.  What month? What day? What time?

So I'm going back now to try to remember the exact time for each, and how far apart they were in certain developments, etc.  Thank goodness I took some pictures (with timestamps).

We had a great playdate with coteachers yesterday - and that reminded me to NOT forget about the little things.  The teeny tiny developments that swim right past.

It's going to quickly.  Instead of talking about late nights and switching to larger bottles, we mentioned the transition to whole milk instead of formula and what solid foods the babies are eating (or NOT eating, really).  One mommy is almost at the 1 year mark.  And we are all at the point where we are saying "One year ago today..." and there's the start of a baby story.

Here are some shots from the party.  The best part, for the girls, is getting to experience the new toys and friends...

Figuring out a new toy with a friend.

Check us out! S loved pushing E around, but not the other way around. 

Look at that focus.

Then we could come home and appreciate our own toys.

... even giving them kisses.

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